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I've spent close to 10000 hours in the past 5 years studying and experimenting in productivity, peak performance and human psychology, and use the insights gleaned from my experience to inform my approach to improving personal, professional, and organizational productivity.


Who doesn’t want to be more productive and focused? But where do we start, and how do we do it? 

Productivity is a seemingly easy concept to grasp but infinitely hard to implement and master. 

Building the right habits and designing the right environment can greatly enhance our ability to achieve our goals.  


What started out as a small effort to build a good habit has turned into a way of life. I’ve spent the last few years taking a deep dive into the world of productivity and self-improvement. In that process I’ve explored and tested a variety of methods and techniques via a series of self-experiments.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s this:  We live and die by the stories we invent. Change your perspective, everything else will follow.

By cultivating an essentialist’s approach in our daily life that’s aligned with our long term goals, we can improve our life quality and well-being, increase our efficacy, and achieve concrete results.


A framework that is derived from plucking the best, tried and tested methods and techniques that I’ve used to help me achieve incredible results. 

What I’ve achieved in the last few years from this system. 

  • Read 250+ books in the last 3 years
  • 99% attendance rate at the gym 3x/week for the last 4 years
  • Achieved a personal best record weekly at the gym in 2015
  • Bootstrapped a startup with little resources
  • Meditated over 250+ hours 
  • Wrote over 150k words

Plus more...

Current habits streak (updated: 12/07/16)


Engage my services

1.Speaking & Workshop

I have given talks and conducted workshops on the productivity system at these following institues of learning. 

2. Personal coaching 

Struggling to build the right habits? I can help you create a sustainable and highly tactical plan based on  the productivity system and framework to improve your life and increase your efficacy.  One-on-one personal coaching.

Find out more @ Beta Human Coaching

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