/ Freelance

I’ve worked with clients in the areas of digital strategy, creative concepts & strategic copywriting and websites launch. I have in my network a pool of designers and developer that I collaborate with to bring projects to life.

What I can help you with

  • Websites launch

  • Brand Strategy 

  • Copy strategy

  • Content strategy
  • Key messaging / taglines

  • Tone of voice

  • Landing pages

  • Brand Stories

  • Hero Stories

  • Wireframes

  • Product descriptions

  • Product manuals

  • Ad campaigns

  • Marketing collaterals

Renowned educational institution focused on designing progressive learning experiences in the area of digital innovation.

Case study here

Swedish lifestyle brand producing high quality music accessories that are distributed worldwide. 

Case study here

Education startup on a mission to build a global community of well-rounded, creative software engineers. 

Case study here

One of the leading ecommerce digital agencies in Sweden specializing in e-commerce. 

Case study here

Berlin-based design studio founded on the philosophy of exploring ideas and solutions through play and curiosity. 

Case study here

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